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Water-Resistant Satin Cloth
This Water-Resistant Satin Cloth is a lightweight, water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant polyester fabric that produces excellent image quality. It has quickly become a popular option for photo exhibitions, trade-show graphics, P-O-P displays, and dêcor art.

LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth has been used in retractable banner stands, art-gallery exhibitions, table skits, window shades, flags, privacy screens, and dozens of other applications. This cloth is a great alternative to traditional backlit films, because the colors really pop when prints on Water-Resistant Satin Cloth are lit from behind.

It also feels soft and luxurious and is easy to hang and transport. As its name implies, this cloth is highly resistant to water (particularly with pigment inks). The coating can hold high levels of ink saturation for richer, more brilliant color on the ultra-white base polyester cloth. LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth works with dye or pigment inks.

- Smooth, bright-white, wrinkle-resistant Water-Resistant fabric that provides excellent quality
- Lightweight, easy-to-hang, frame-free alternative for exhibition prints
- Ideal for retractable banner stands, table skirts, window shades, gallery wraps, and art tapestries
- Instant-drying , max print size 44" x 60'
- LexJet Water-Resistant Satin Cloth

- Material: Terylene
Gauge: 6 mil
Weight: 130 g/m2
Color: L*>97, a*= 3.8, b*= - 9.0
Whiteness: >110 (CIE)
Opacity: >90% For more detailed infomation click here.


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How To Order Satin Cloth Prints:
Upload your images online, and select Fine art prints-> Satin Cloth media when ordering.

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